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Ya know that feeling when you're outside after a rain? Like the smell, tart but sweet? And everything is slightly muddy and wet but you're ok with it because that moment mean more then the little details? Or what about that one person whose laugh you wanna bottle up and keep forever? All that is why I do what I do! Ohhh geez! Does that even make sense?! I show up for the belly laughs and the crinkly noses, the butt grabs and the eskimo kisses. I want to be there to see your mom lose it when she zips up your dress or when your dad can't hold it together as you dance. (I'll be the girl crying behind the camera!) Trust me to do a little dance to distract strangers as you change in the parking lot or to carry your dress for you as we hike up to an epic view!

This girl right here? >>> I was made to get messy capturing the little details, orange dirt in your dress, the double chin from the real laughs, the tear on his cheek. So when you look back at pictures, it's almost like you can smell the rain, muddy and all. And that perfect laugh is frozen forever. 

So if you're ready for the good, the dirty, and the butt squeeze in between, I think we could be really good friends. 

Utah Wedding and Elopement photographer
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